• Products
    New SIGNS made of natural wood materials are now available!

    The new SIGNS white oak / walnut have been released from Monday, September 13, 2021.
    The bright white oak and the soothing dark walnut give a soft impression that blends well with chic interiors.

  • Pop up Store
    MOHEIM appears in a limited-time pop-up at "Urban Famima!!"

  • News
    MOHEIM Participates in "daily ART - Art Created by the Flow of Time" at Isetan Shinjuku Store

  • Media
    STOOL and BATH ACCESSORIES are introduced on the page of "DESIGN PRODUCTS" on “SHINKENCHIKU” (September 2021 issue).
  • Campaign

  • Media

  • Pop up Store

  • Pop up Store
    MOHEIM's limited time pop-up store will be held at “THINK OF THINGS” in Harajuku, Tokyo.

    The pop-up event, which will be held at KOKUYO's Lifestyle Store and Cafe, will feature a large lineup of MOHEIM’s products, as well as the items of “THINK OF THINGS” limited edition and the brand new “STOOL” that will be released on July 15.
    The “BATH ACCESSORIES / SOAP DISPENSER” to be released soon will also be on display.

    Date/Time: July 15th to 27th, 11:00-18:00
    Address: 3-62-1, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    [COVID-19 countermeasures]
    In order to ensure the safety of visitors, we implement measures to prevent COVID-19 infection.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Products
    “STOOL” will be released!

    On July 15, we will start selling “STOOL,” a design that blends comfortably into any place without being too assertive.
    STOOL will be displayed at “MOHEIM POP-UP STORE @ THINK OF THINGS” (July 15-27) in Harajuku, Tokyo.

  • News
    MOHEIM is now “on duty” at the cafe truck “Mori no Tovan” in NONOAOYAMA.

    MOHEIM's items are displayed and used for serving coffee or some other drinks at “MORI no Tovan,” the pink cute cafe truck!
    MOHEIM will be “on duty” there until July 11, on the last day of MOHEIM POP-UP STORE @ NONOAOYAMA.