6 new items that enhance your interior design!

6 new items that enhance your interior design!

MOHEIM, Japan-based interior product brand will launch 6 new products on March 1st 2019.



Being smaller than common wagons enables it to perfectly fit in big-city
residences. Sleek and calm presence will modestly stand out in any interior
styles while offering practicality with the removable trays.
Colors: Black, White / Design: Keiji Ashizawa



Simply assembled wooden pieces created this minimal modern look.
You will no longer need to find clutters on the floor or sofa as this lightweight
ladder will be a new home of your towels, clothes or blankets.
Color: Natural, Black / Design: Yoshitaka Katane



Practical sizes to store magazines, towels or anything you tend to think that
should be hidden. The gentle form, moderate colors and leather accent tag will make
your daily necessities look like a part of your interior decor.
Color: White, Black, Gold / Design: Shigeichiro Takeuchi



Having decorative animal objects in your room is always fun. Choose your favorite
from these three animals that are all hand-curved by craftsmen in Myanmar.
They will add playful and “welcome home” mood to your sophisticated space.
Animal: Bird, Sea lion, Whale / Design: Minoru Takeuchi (PROOF OF GUILD)



Chubby shape and earthy touch of handicrafts bring you a pleasant feeling.
It doesn’t have to be a gorgeous floral decor to personalize your space.
Even a handpicked wildflower can look very special in this palm-size bud vase.
Color: White, Gray, Red / Design: Shigeichiro Takeuchi



Bird-shaped colorful pebbles are all handmade to add colors onto your table.
Droplet patterns vary on each bird making it fun to find the differences.
Highly recommended for gift with its sweets-like package design.
Color: Yellow, White, Gray, Red, Pink (sold as a set of 5) / Design: Shigeichiro Takeuchi