MOHEIM creates “new standard” to enrich your everyday life.

One prototype was described as "the most beautiful dustbin in the world" because of its minimalist design and unprecedented structure. In 2010, the work was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and four years later, it was launched as MOHEIM's first product, the SWING BIN. Since then, MOHEIM has introduced a variety of items for living spaces, from tableware to furniture. The common denominator in their designs is minimalism and simplicity, and a desire to fit smoothly into people's lives. In addition, we use traditional techniques and advanced technology to give shape to our products with an ethical approach in line with the times. MOHEIM is a brand that creates "new standards" to enrich the lives of those who own our products.


  • Arrange your space, enhance your days.

    MOHEIM creates its products by considering the purpose and meaning of design in living spaces. Designs that will never fade and can be used for a long time with affection. A sophisticated appearance that blends in perfectly with your life. We work on our designs while envisioning high-quality, harmonious daily scenes that people will cherish forever.

  • What's beyond our design? Craftsmanship

    Even things that look graceful on the outside have a well-thought-out design and structure. However, design alone is not enough to create a product. The competence and experience of the creator is always necessary. In order to realize our manufacturing ideals, we incorporate the latest technology as well as the traditional skills of the region. MOHEIM values craftsmanship in its product development.

  • Let's start thinking about sustainability.

    The word "sustainable" can be used to describe a wide variety of things. MOHEIM will continue to think about what kind of efforts will advance consideration for the environment and what will be beneficial for society. We will start with what we can do, develop items using recycled materials, and work on manufacturing with a greater awareness of "sustainability."


The year was 2009. The name “MOHEIM” did not exist at that time.

In 2009, when the name “MOHEIM” did not exist yet, the story of MOHEIM began with the birth of the prototype of the SWING BIN, a dustbin that pursued my own ideals to the limit. I have been working on a number of products for more than ten years now, and what I always keep in mind is how to enrich the lives and minds of the people who own them through design, appearance, and comfort.My passion for design has never changed and will never change. I believe that tableware, furniture, storage items, etc., will enhance our daily lives while staying close to the feelings of the people who use them. We hope that MOHEIM's items, created to be timeless and long-lasting, will bring you a fulfilling everyday life.

Shigeichiro Takeuchi


  • Keiji Ashizawa

    • Profile

      Keiji Ashizawa

      After graduating from Yokohama National University (Department of Architecture and Building Science) in 1996, Keiji started his career as an architect and sharpened his craft at cabinet and lighting makers' design collective called super robot. In 2005 he founded his eponymous practice, Keiji Ashizawa Design. In 2011 to support local communities' recovery efforts in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, he founded a public DIY workshop, Ishinomaki Laboratory. In 2014 Ishinomaki Laboratory was incorporated as a furniture brand. Keiji's activities span a wide range of fields, including collaborations with international furniture brands. Keiji's guiding philosophy of "Honest Design" for architecture, renovation, lighting, and furniture design projects has led to the development of works recognized worldwide.

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  • Wataru Kumano

    • Profile

      Wataru Kumano

      Born in Tokyo, in 1980. From 2001 moved to Finland, studied Furniture design at Lahti Polytechnic (2001–2004 BA), and University of Art and Design Helsinki (Aalto University) for Postgraduate studies (2005–2008 MA).
      Since 2008, back to Japan, and he has been a designer at Jasper Morrison Tokyo Studio. Beside of that, established own design studio "kumano" in 2011, and works for interior, furniture, product design and project management, internationally.

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  • Yoshitaka Katane

    • Profile

      Yoshitaka Katane

      Architecture, space and product design.
      Graduated from Institute of Technologists and Kuwasawa design school.
      Nature, parks, farms and other everyday surroundings are great inspirations to Katene to come up with new ideas. The core concept behind his designs are something that creates new value and relationship, and serene spaces that make us want to stay forever.

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  • Kenji Ito

    • Profile

      Kenji Ito

      After studying product design at Kuwasawa Design School, founded MUTE in 2008 and has been president of KID (Kenji Ito Design) since 2024. Designer and Creative Director. As a designer, he has worked in a wide range of fields, including daily necessities, handicrafts, furniture, fixtures, and spaces composed of these products. In recent years, he has been working as a creative director, starting with product design and also overseeing the environment, including graphics and space, to create better brands.

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  • Minoru Takeuchi (Proof Of Guild)

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      Minoru Takeuchi (Proof Of Guild)

      Proof of guild started in 2002 as tailer-made jewelry and flower shop. As well as ingenious jewelries, Takeuchi now participates in various project working with other craftsmen from different industries.
      Just like the etymology of the word “GUILD” represents in itself, the authentic creations by groups of artists and craftsmen have been inherited through generations as antiques. It is what makes Takeuchi respect the past, and want to create things also by his own hands as a proof of guild in modern society.

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  • Shigeichiro Takeuchi