• Media
    STONEWARE MUG is introduced on SPUR.JP.

    STONEWARE MUG has been chosen as one of the items that bring you luck at the Fortune-telling for 2023 by Towa on SPUR.JP.

  • Media
    TROLLEY is introduced on “Hanako” January 2023 issue.

    TROLLEY is featured in the January 2023 issue of “Hanako” in the “STOOL and WAGON” feature.

  • News
    New Color of MOHEIM + minä perhonen Special Collaboration Model of SWING BIN

    MOHEIM, is pleased to announce the release of new color “green” of MOHEIM + minä perhonen special collaboration model of “SWING BIN” on November 26.

  • Media
    MOHEIM collaborated on the filming of the Netflix series “First Love First Love”.

    MOHEIM provided SWING BIN, MUG, HORN, STANDING MIRROR, and more for the Netflix series "First Love," starting from November 24.

  • Media
    SWING BIN, BRICK STAND and SHOUEHORN is introduced on “ONKUL vol.17”.

    SWING BIN, BRICK STAND and SHOUEHORN is featured in the 2022 autumn&winter issue of “ONKUL vol.17” in the “GOODS FOR A COZY ROOM”.

  • Media
    MUG and PLATE is introduced on “Tennen Seikatsu” January 2023 issue.

    MUG and PLATE is featured in the January 2023 issue of “Tennen Seikatsu” in the “Gifts to convey your feelings.” feature.

  • Products
    New PEN TRAY's with beautiful illustrations by Ryuto Miyake.

    MOHEIM, will release two new PEN TRAY models on November 18th.

  • News
    CASES has been updated.

    An article of “LIGHT UP COFFEE” has been released on “CASES” on our website.

  • News
    BRICK STAND has been added to the “STORIES”.

    We interviewed the designer, Mr. Wataru Kumano, about his thoughts on BRICK STAND, which was created through a process of various trials and errors.

  • Media
    BRICK STAND is introduced on “I'm home.” no.121, January 2023 issue.

    BRICK STAND is featured in the no.121, January 2023 issue of “I'm home.” in the “STYLISH STORAGE ITEMS” feature.