• Products
    TISSUE COVER has renewed.

    MOHEIM has renewed the “TISSUE COVER” and will release it on March 3, 2023


  • Products
    New PEN TRAY's with beautiful illustrations by Ryuto Miyake.

    MOHEIM, will release two new PEN TRAY models on November 18th.

  • Products
    New HORN will be released.

    MOHEIM, will release the 3 new color variations for the wall clock, HORN on July 29th.

  • Products
    SHOEHORN and BRICK STAND released.

    MOHEIM, the Japanese interior product brand, will be launching 2 new items. “SHOEHORN” will be released on July 15, and “BRICK STAND” on July 22.

  • Products
    Introducing renewed LADDER RACK, WIRE BASKET, and PEN TRAY

    MOHEIM, the Japanese interior product brand, will release renewed “LADDER RACK,” "WIRE BASKET," and new "PEN TRAY” on March 23.

  • Products
    New TISSUE COVER and YUKI wood have been released.

    “TISSUE COVER recycled leather” and new colors for “YUKI wood” have been released on February 14.


  • Products
    New SIGNS made of natural wood materials are now available!

    The new SIGNS white oak / walnut have been released from Monday, September 13, 2021.
    The bright white oak and the soothing dark walnut give a soft impression that blends well with chic interiors.

  • Products
    “STOOL” will be released!

    On July 15, we will start selling “STOOL,” a design that blends comfortably into any place without being too assertive.
    STOOL will be displayed at “MOHEIM POP-UP STORE @ THINK OF THINGS” (July 15-27) in Harajuku, Tokyo.

  • Products
    “Gray” color for BY TRAY TABLE and “TRAY” has been released!

    The new “gray” color has been added to the existing colors, black and white.
    We have also started selling “TRAY” as a stand-alone product, as requested by many of our customers.

  • Products
    The new item “SOF” will be released on April 16th, 2021.

    A leather case which was created with the idea of “wrapping” items put inside by folding the leather up.
    The SOF is available in 2 sizes, a card case and a utility case.