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    MOHEIM participates in the special exhibition "Maison & Objet Paris" at Nihombashi Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo.

    "The Design Dialogue Maison & Objet Paris" exhibition will be held at Nihombashi Takashimaya in March.
    The exhibition is an edited version of the international exhibition "Maison & Objet", which leads the world's interior design trends.
    MOHEIM will participate in the special project "MAISON & OBJET meets JAPANESE DESIGN & CRAFT" Part2.

  • Media
    TIN CANISTER is introduced on “Otona ga tanoshimu O-cha no sekai (The World of Tea for Adults).”

    TIN CANISTER was introduced in the special feature "Special tea utensils" of "Otonaga tanosimu otya no sekai".


  • Media
    BIRD of ROCKING ANIMALS is introduced on “Casa BRUTUS” January 2022 issue.

    ROCKING ANIMALS' BIRD is featured in the January 2022 issue of "Casa BRUTUS" in the "Rooms and Figurines" feature.

  • Media
    Shigeichiro Takeuchi is introduced on “mono magazine” 2021.12.16.issue.

    MOHEIM's brand director/designer, Shigeichiro Takeuchi, was introduced in the December 16, 2021 issue of "Mono Magazine" in the serial article "Fukasawa Hito's Kore, Darega .. shitano? "

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    SILHOUETTE has been added to the “STORIES” which introduce the design concept and development stories of each product.

    In addition to the particulars of SILHOUETTE's design and materials, our creative director also provides in-depth and detailed information on recommended uses and suggestions.

  • Media
    TIN CANISTER is introduced on “LALA BEGIN” (Dec/Jan 2021-2022 issue).

    TIN CANISTER was featured in the December/January 2021/2022 issue of "LaLa Begin" in the "Furniture and Interior" section.

  • Media
    SWING BIN is introduced on “Green Shop” (Winter 2021 issue).

    SWING BIN was featured in the "Furniture and Interior" section of the Green Shop 2021 Winter issue of the Kurashi-no-Techo catalog.

  • Media
    TIN CANISTER is introduced on “GetNavi” (December 2021 issue).
  • Pop up Store
    MOHEIM participated in "heres market".

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    MOHEIM is now available at Mitsukoshi Nihombashi.