Moheim Own Story

Jenna Katz

“These STONEWARE MUGs are classic, but they are not boring! The colors and glaze (inside) are interesting.”
Jenna Katz(Designer / Jeweler of Jenna Katz Fine Jewelry)
Jenna Katz

MOHEIM OWN STORY by Jenna Katz, a jewery designer based in Los Angeles.

Jenna told us about her impressions of the STONEWARE MUG she uses and about MOHEIM.


Jenna Katz

—— How do you normally choose your home/interior items for your home? Is there anything which you are specific about?

I am drawn to items that are classic, but have something unique about them — like the color. I particularly love muted tones.

—— Any favorite thing/area of your home? How do you like it most?

My favorite part of any home, including mine, is the kitchen. I love to cook and spend a lot of time there. I enjoy having all the right tools: mugs, knives, plates etc.

Jenna Katz

—— What is your impression of MOHEIM and how do you feel about using STONEWARE?

My first impression of MOHEIM: soothing, crisp, functional.
These MOHEIM mugs are classic, but they are not boring! The colors and glaze (inside) are interesting.

—— Are there any MOHEIM items that you wish were available (or that you would like to see newly developed)?

I would love to see serving platters and bowls, something I use very often and love to collect.

Jenna Katz


Jenna Katz

Jenna Katz

Designer / Jeweler of Jenna Katz Fine Jewelry, based in Los Angeles.