Moheim Own Story

Max Houtzager

“When I actually assembled and used the LINDEN BOX, it made me consider keeping it in my space forever because of the quality and beauty of its structure.”

Max Houtzager (the founder of Terasu)
Max Houtzager

“MOHEIM OWN STORY” by Max Houtzager, founder of Terasu, who is active in a wide range of fields including photography, video, and branding.


— Please tell us what is important to you when you arrange your own interior.

I tend to choose things quite intuitively, but what I can say is important specifically is the origin of the object and my connection to it (proximity and connection to the people and places, for example, where they are made or their relationship to my roots etc.). Then there is the harmony (or dare I say contrast) with the space in each case.



— Can you be more specific about the origin of the objects and your connection to them?

MOHEIM is designed close to my workplace, and many of their products are produced in Japan, which is another reason for me to choose them.



— I see. Then, what is an example of harmony or contrast with your space?

My current home and studio have a strong “Japanese” taste, but I try to harmonize or create contrasts depending on the objects and places. Sometimes I protect elements that are quiet and harmonious, and on the other hand, I dare to use things and spots that are experimental, contrasting, and interesting.


— How is your “individuality” expressed in the space?

I think that it’s unique to me when I can have a quiet and calm place and a rough or interesting expression or something special in the same space without feeling uncomfortable. Things that look ordinary from some perspectives, but are special or avant-garde from others, are one of them.


— And you chose MOHEIM’s LINDEN BOX for your home.

When I chose this one, I was only thinking about looks and functions (categories like nice basics/essentials). However, when I actually assembled and used the LINDEN BOX, it made me think about keeping it in my space forever because of the quality and beauty of its structure. It reminds me a little of William Morris’s most famous sayings including the quote, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”



— Thank you very much for the highest compliment. Are there any other MOHEIM items that you are interested in?

I’m interested in BY TRAY TABLE because of its features and the proportions of its dimensions, which I find interesting.

Max Houtzager


— The last question. What are your thoughts on MOHEIM and the image the brand has?

MOHEIM has a strong sense of values, and it is reflected in the actual products. I think one of the characteristics of the brand is that even if something looks simple, they make it more functional or playful by making it a little different. I don’t think it’s enough to talk about MOHEIM only with keywords like “everyday life,” “basic,” and “essential”!

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Max Houtzager

The founder of Terasu, a publishing and film production company based in Japan and California that focuses on nature and food culture. In 2019, he founded Maquette, a creative branding studio. He creates synergies between various communities through photography, journals, video, as well as food and drink.