Moheim Own Story

Ryuto Miyake

“STANDING MIRROR looks like it has a distinctive design, but when placed in a room, it is impressive how easily it blends in. It's not like having a full-length mirror for dressing or preparing, but more like having an object of art.”

Ryuto Miyake (illustrator)
Ryuto Miyake

“MOHEIM OWN STORY” by Ryuto Miyake, an illustrator who is gaining global attention, talks about STANDING MIRROR and ongoing house making.


— Thank you for choosing our STANDING MIRROR for your new home.

My wife and I needed a full-length mirror, but we couldn’t find one that would fit in with our new home, and we couldn’t decide where to put it. But, we both agreed at first sight that MOHEIM’s STANDING MIRROR would look cool wherever we put it.


— It’s a great honor to hear you say that…! How do you feel about actually using it?

The design looks unique, but when placed in a room, it is impressive how easily it blends in. It’s not like ‘there’s a full-length mirror for getting ready,’ it’s more like ‘there’s an object.’
We have wooden walls and arched room entrances in our home, and the fact that they share the same shape and material as the mirrors may be another reason why they fit in with the space. It is easy to carry around, so I enjoy changing its location from time to time. I am also satisfied with the reflection of the mirror, which I was concerned about, as I can see my whole body clearly and the size is not too big.


— We assume that you are very particular when it comes to creating your interiors. Is there anything that is important to you?

Interior items should be “items to be admired on their own” and at the same time, fit in with the limited space in the room. So, I spend a lot of time simulating how it would look in a room and how I would use it after getting my impulse “I want this!”

— The house making of your new home is currently underway. Then, what do you consider to be your unique aspects in creating your space?

As the house is still unfinished, I live in a trial-and-error DIY environment, deciding on a wall color and painting it at the weekend, buying more hooks, screws and other small fittings. The more things I have to choose from, the more I gradually understand my own personality. Something classy but also charming is what I seem to like these days.



— Maybe MOHEIM items fit in perfectly with what Miyake-san likes these days. Could you please also share your impressions of MOHEIM with us?

MOHEIM is a good brand that does not disappoint in terms of the impression it gives when you take a quick look at it and the beauty of the finish when you pick it up. I’m also interested in SWING BIN, which seems to fit my current mood of “classy but also charming.”

— We hope you also use SWING BIN at your new home! Thank you.

Ryuto Miyake works


Ryuto Miyake

Born in 1988, Tokyo. An illustrator and graphic designer. With a style influenced by old field guides from abroad, he depicts flora, fauna and everyday objects with a delicate touch, and has provided illustrations for various national and international fashion brands and publishers. He also works as a graphic designer on record jackets, packaging and branding. His first collection of work, “Subject & Object” (by Graphic-sha), was published in 2021.