Moheim Own Story

Saori Miwa

HANGER RACK's leg area gives the impression of being very light and can be used as a backdrop for any space or clothing regardless of its placement.
Saori Miwa (President of LITTLE, the interior design office)
Saori Miwa

MOHEIM OWN STORY by Saori Miwa, who works as an interior designer in Japan and abroad.
She has been using our HANGER RACK which was launched in 2023.


美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Story - powder room

—— You have designed a variety of spaces. What do you keep in mind when you select interior items?

The interior designer’s job is to design and choose interior elements by myself. When choosing for myself, I base it on whether it is something that will be greeted with curiosity. And I observe things very closely.

—— How did you design the interior for your own home?

When I designed my home, I designed the space composition, kitchen, shelves, and other built-in furniture myself. But also, I enjoy collecting the products that are designed by someone other than myself. Working for an interior design, such as adding, moving, combining, and using interior elements is always an experiment and a joy.

美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Story - sink

—— What are your impressions of HANGER RACK?

HANGER RACK is a product that is shaped by its use. The necessary form is composed of a minimum number of components. The most distinctive feature is the absence of any horizontal piece connecting the legs. The impression of the slightly strained leg area is very light and can serve as a backdrop for any space or outfit, regardless of its placement. When placed around linens and sinks, such as in washrooms, the matte black steel pipes are dignified and it can be used conveniently.

美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Story - hanger rack 美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Story - hanger rack leg

—— Besides HANGER RACK, are there any other MOHEIM items you are interested in?

TIN BOX and TIN CANISTER. I would like to buy many of them to make up a wall. The combination of shapes and materials is superb, and they are beautiful as “objects.”

—— We would like to see the wall consisting of the TIN series created by Miwa-san. Please let us know if you have any other comments for MOHEIM?

MOHEIM is a brand that is making great strides to “set new standards in design” despite its quiet appearance. I was delighted to learn that Fukui Prefecture’s craftsmanship and traditional techniques are with the brand. When I was a student, I stayed at a studio of Echizen washi to learn to make handmade fusuma (Japanese sliding door) paper. Since then, I have been thinking about what designers can do based on tradition and industry.

美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Story - works houseingray 美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Story - works houseingray 美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Story - works houseingray


美和 小織 (Saori Miwa) Profile

Saori Miwa

Presides over the interior design firm LITTLE.
She has worked on a wide range of designs in Japan and abroad. Recent works include “Anda Gyoza Power shop,” “HOUSE IN GRAY,” “Institut français for EETY studio,” “Lemmikko Atelier,” etc.