• Moheim Own Story

    Josie Ford

    “I love these YUKI wood cups because they are the perfect size and design to enjoy tea throughout the day.”
    Josie Ford (Founder / Studio Ford)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Genta Narita

    The large capacity WIRE BASKET is very useful as a laundry basket for clothes that have finished running in the dryer when going to the nearby laundry.
    Genta Narita (Manager of a bar “werk”)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Naoko Yoshida

    The white color of the SWING BIN blends naturally into the space, so I wanted to place it in an easily recognizable and usable location.
    Naoko Yoshida (Writer)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Taro Tsukamoto

    The WIRE BASKET can hold and carry both documents and towels, and I thought it would be useful as a showcase storage.
    Taro Tsukamoto (The founder of Riddle Design Bank)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Aya Shimizu

    I wanted more than one LADDER RACK because it fits in many more places than I imagined. The design of the indentation at the top and other details are user-friendly.
    Aya Shimizu (President of ROIRO)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Yuko Mori

    BY TRAY TABLE is perfect for lounging on the rug if you decide to have tea in a sunny spot. It's also good for days feeling like “let's have breakfast in bed!”
    Yuko Mori (Editor / Writer / Communication Design)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Ricca Fukuda

    Light blue and sand white of STONEWARE are beautiful colors on their own. But, when food is served on, they enhance the colors of the ingredients.

    Ricca Fukuda (confectionery researcher)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Ryuto Miyake

    “STANDING MIRROR looks like it has a distinctive design, but when placed in a room, it is impressive how easily it blends in. It's not like having a full-length mirror for dressing or preparing, but more like having an object of art.”

    Ryuto Miyake (illustrator)

  • Moheim Own Story


    “We feel that MOHEIM works hand in hand with the designers and has an honest dialogue with a wide variety of materials to manufacture its products.”

    Keita Suzuki and Yumi Kitahata (the owners of the design office)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Max Houtzager

    “When I actually assembled and used the LINDEN BOX, it made me consider keeping it in my space forever because of the quality and beauty of its structure.”

    Max Houtzager (the founder of Terasu)