• Moheim Own Story

    Masahiro Tetsuka

    “LINDEN BOX with a FLAT DOLLY (caster stand) is very convenient to move it around depending on the situation in which you want to use it.”
    Masahiro Tetsuka (a Project Manager at BEAMS CREATIVE INC.)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Max Houtzager

    “When I actually assembled and used the LINDEN BOX, it made me consider keeping it in my space forever because of the quality and beauty of its structure.”

    Max Houtzager (the founder of Terasu)

  • Products


    LINDEN BOX has a sophisticated appearance even though it is a simple rectangular box.
    The box with natural and tranquil colorings and the brass screws shown on the sides is of course useful as storage. Moreover, it can also be used as a shelf, a tray, or a side table in combination with its special lid.

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