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    STONEWARE is one of the most popular items in MOHEIM's collection.
    It has an unglazed simple matte texture on the outside, and a wide range of size, colors, and types.

  • Moheim Own Story

    Jenna Katz

    “These STONEWARE MUGs are classic, but they are not boring! The colors and glaze (inside) are interesting.”
    Jenna Katz(Designer / Jeweler of Jenna Katz Fine Jewelry)

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    With its rustic unglazed matte texture and simple yet presentable form MOHEIM's STONEWARE MUG is highly popular.
    Based on this texture and design, a collaboration with BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE was launched.

    Makiko Busato, Brand & Product Director of BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE, and Shigeichiro Takeuchi, Creative Director of MOHEIM, shared their thoughts on the STONE MUG created in collaboration with MOHEIM.

  • Moheim Own Story

    Ricca Fukuda

    Light blue and sand white of STONEWARE are beautiful colors on their own. But, when food is served on, they enhance the colors of the ingredients.

    Ricca Fukuda (confectionery researcher)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Ayako Yanagi

    "I have an image of MOHEIM as a brand with simple yet sophisticated designs with a sense of fun.”

    Ayako Yanagi (hair salon director)

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