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    SWING BIN is the most iconic item among the MOHEIM collections, and has been highly recommended as "the most beautiful garbage can in the world."
    Actually, we can say that the MOHEIM brand began with this item.

  • Moheim Own Story

    Naoko Yoshida

    The white color of the SWING BIN blends naturally into the space, so I wanted to place it in an easily recognizable and usable location.
    Naoko Yoshida (Writer)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Taro Tsukamoto

    The WIRE BASKET can hold and carry both documents and towels, and I thought it would be useful as a showcase storage.
    Taro Tsukamoto (The founder of Riddle Design Bank)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Aya Shimizu

    I wanted more than one LADDER RACK because it fits in many more places than I imagined. The design of the indentation at the top and other details are user-friendly.
    Aya Shimizu (President of ROIRO)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Chihiro Yoshii

    "I really liked the seamless and simple structure that is easy to maintain, while decorating the space with an object-like presence.”

    Chihiro Yoshii (illustrator)

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