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    SWING BIN is the most iconic item among the MOHEIM collections, and has been highly recommended as "the most beautiful garbage can in the world."
    Actually, we can say that the MOHEIM brand began with this item.

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    STONEWARE is one of the most popular items in MOHEIM's collection.
    It has an unglazed simple matte texture on the outside, and a wide range of size, colors, and types.

  • Moheim Own Story

    Max Houtzager

    “When I actually assembled and used the LINDEN BOX, it made me consider keeping it in my space forever because of the quality and beauty of its structure.”

    Max Houtzager (the founder of Terasu)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Eriko Okudaira

    “The difference in texture between the outside and inside of STONEWARE is interesting, and food on it really shows up beautifully in natural light.”

    Eriko Okudaira (the owner of an antique tool shop “tôk”)

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    SIGNS, pictograms with minimal design have been very popular.
    The biggest reason was that it can be used not only for restaurants, cafes, and accommodations, but also in private rooms.

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    TROLLEY, designed by Keiji Ahizawa, a practical but well-designed kitchen wagon with a graceful presence, is the most popular furniture item in the MOHEIM collection.
    It is very functional even with its simple but beautiful design, because both the upper and lower boards can be removed and used as trays.

  • Moheim Own Story

    Shiori Fujii

    “MOHEIM has a clean, simple and modern design that brings a light breeze into our home.”

    Shiori Fujii (editorial writer)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Ayako Yanagi

    "I have an image of MOHEIM as a brand with simple yet sophisticated designs with a sense of fun.”

    Ayako Yanagi (hair salon director)

  • Moheim Own Story

    Chihiro Yoshii

    "I really liked the seamless and simple structure that is easy to maintain, while decorating the space with an object-like presence.”

    Chihiro Yoshii (illustrator)

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    A flower vase with a soft imporession that appears as if wrapped in side gathers… Actually, this is a plastic bottle covered with a knit fabric.
    Just by covering a PET bottle that would otherwise be thrown away, SILHOUETTE transforms it into a vase.